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Music - a completely unique language!

When it touches our heart, we are lost. Lost in feelings, in longings, in memories. We cannot escape the attraction of music. Quite the opposite.

Music is omnipresent in our lives and we also want it to accompany us everywhere and be there. At every celebration, at every event, music plays a major role and the decision about the form in which music is presented and, above all, by whom, is of great importance.

I wish you a lot of fun on my page and I am sure:
The sound of my voice will carry you to your heart and from the first note you will feel and know that you have made the right decision.

New release

New Release
now available in advance
Pearl Lovelight Cover

We want to get Pearl's first song, which really gets under your skin, to No. 1 quickly:

Here is the link to the audio sample:

Do you want to support Pearl with???

If so, here's the link to pre-order on iTunes or Amazon:

(The digital delivery of the mp3 file of the song will be automatically on 18.11.22)